Genesis Silver Citizen


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We’ve created the ultimate lifestyle membership to provide our citizens with the most ascended things the world has to offer along with a Web3 technology stack to provide seamless co-creation & endless rewards for ascending your life & the planet.

Our citizenship will begin with the activation of our Quests, Roles, Events, Airdrops & Giveaways and will continue to expand with more ways to earn and ascend as you play the Ascended Game of Life. Learn about our other missions that you will have access to with this citizenship here. Citizens will be whitelisted for our future NFT drops with discounts & early access. Entry to Ascended Giveaway with $1 million of prizes. All of the citizen benefits are listed here.

Your NFT & tokens will be airdropped to the polygon/matic wallet address you provide in the order instructions during checkout.

If you don’t have a crypto wallet and are new to Web3, let us know if you need help when you fill out the onboarding form.

Comes with 5 million redeemable AXP tokens ($110 value) & provides access to our Ascendia DAO for governance & grant submissions. 

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